Hello from Hank.

Photo: Hank in rehearsal with Enoch King and Derek Robertson for the workshop of The Confessions of A Hit Man with Working Title Playwrights’ Ethel Woolson Lab.





I’m an Atlanta-based playwright who writes plays about..well, lots of things.  Sports (Redemption of A Football Widow; Confessions of a Hit Man; Winners Never Quit); Lawyers (Unbillable Hours: Mrs. Palsgraf’s Dream Team; The Mediator Tries to Escape from Hell); Romance (An Answer to Their Prayers: Politically Incorrect Dating; A Little Room at the Inn). Parenthood (Soccer Moms; The Day Santa Ignored Us; The End of Summer). And much, much more.

I love writing plays because it gives me a chance entertain (hopefully more than just myself), to portray the world in a quirky/off-centered way, and, perhaps most important, to take us more meaningfully into the world.

Many of my plays involve some kind of Jewish content (Father-Son Campout, a modern rendition of the binding story’ Saved on the Day of Atonement; King David & The Giant).  Many deal with the American obsession with status and money (Divided Among Themselves; Proper Business Etiquette; The Chosen People). Some are downright silly (Your Local Neighborhood Pharmacy; Early Morning Appointment, Last Seat on the Train).  In all, the main character tries to overcome some kind of immobility, whether it’s emotional, spiritual, physical, sexual or social.

Along with writing for the stage, I try to find non-traditional venues for my work, whether it’s a continuing legal education class for lawyers, an outdoor collaboration with a local restaurant or even a speed dating event. Theatre, to me, is a thought-provoking way of spreading joy, and I hope my plays can accomplish that for you.

Thank you for taking a look at this web site, even if you just stumbled onto it when looking for my cousin Jimmy.


P.S. For information about my mediation services, please contact me directly.

Special thanks to Daryl Lisa Fazio for helping me realize my New Year’s resolution (from 2006) of having an actively-used web site.

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What People Are Saying

“We loved working with Hank. He understands both the writing and production processes.  There are different challenges in both and Hank meet those challenges with the right spirit and energy.” —James Beck, Founder & Managing Artistic Director, Onion Man Productions

“Working with Hank is like watching a master weaver make a tapestry. He crafts characters from fragile and durable threads then intricately weaves them together. If something isn’t quite right, he’ll unravel it and try something different. He has incredible patience, and it pays off.” —Daphne Mintz, Dramaturg, Confessions of A Hit Man, 2017-18 Reiser Lab … Continue reading