Full Play Listing by Length

Full-length (longer than 60 minutes)

  • Hank Kimmel Shorts
    (Creative Loafing’s People Choice for Best New Play) A compendium of a short plays produced together to bring forth an evening of comic and social entertainment and engagement.
  • Welcome to the Neighborhood
    A compendium of a short plays produced together to bring forth an evening of comic and social entertainment and engagement.
  • Divided Among Themselves
    A righteous rabbi tries to honor her scheming father without betraying her core belief when she and her three very different sisters are impelled to come together to divide Dad’s estate.
  • Confessions of A Hit Man (1F, 3M)
    At odds with his family, a paralyzed ex-football player attempts to take charge of the future when his tormentor returns with an offer that will either uplift or destroy them both.
  • Burning Powerful Women (4F)
    It’s 1962 and Mary, the high school valedictorian, is about to get married until the BPW, a secret order  of woman (think three witches of Macbeth), infiltrates Mary’s heart.
  • A Little Room at the Inn (3M, 1F)
    When an aging CEO gets stranded in undersized motel room with his alluring protégé, he must decide how much he can keep his distance.
  • Unbillable Hours
    With the City paralyzed over the construction of a billion-dollar football stadium, a young attorney, trained to do as he’s told, can subvert the future, if he sorts out the visions and voices that vie for his allegiance.
  • King David and the Giant
    As an aging King David loses his grip, his unassuming assistant must determine if she has the guts to lead her people to a more enlightened age as Goliath’s angry brother thirsts for revenge. Based on an historical fairy tale.
  • The Rakes Progress (3F,6M)
    In time to read the will of an enigmatic and over-leveraged steel magnet, Marvin Schwartz tries to invoke privilege as others thirst for revenge.
  • The Chosen People
    When Sally accompanies her husband for an interview at the most exclusive country club in the U.S., she must decide if her marriage is worth saving as her ambitious husband and immortal host vie for her eternal support.
  • The Education of Benjamin First
    Sent away by his family as a death-defying act in 1965, young Benjamin does as he’s told until his mis-cast roommate pushes him toward divisive truths about race, class and religion—and their families.
  • Better Dead Than Alive (under construction)
    The premature report of his death gives Miguel a chance to invent his own future if he can leave behind those he claims to love.
  • House Hunting
    The house of their dreams might turn into their worst nightmare when Jeff and Jan Devine, a young interracial couple about to have twins, must decide if the house they are about to buy is haunted or not – and whether they can overcome its curse.
  • Double Fault (under construction)
  • Daddy’s Home
    Even in a progressive world, a stay-at-home dad tries to overcome the stigma of being less than he is as he contains feelings of lust, money and fame.

One-Act Plays

  • Mrs. Palsgraf’s Dream Team
    When the most famous plaintiffs walks into his store-front office, a young attorney must decide if he has the gumption to take her case.
  • Father-Son Campout: 2018
    When Frank’s 88-year-old Dad goes missing at midnight, he convinces Dad that his life is worth living in a modern rendition of the binding story.
  • Father-Son Campout 2048 BCE
    It is Tuesday, and Abraham and Issac take a walk under a very hot sun in a depiction of the binding story.
  • Closing Time at the Bakery
    Stuck with a flat tire on the eve of the Sabbath, Sam, a salesman, and Sally, the reluctant help at a closed kosher bakery, come together by fate.
  • The Colleg [sic] Interview
    Overmatched but undaunted, Jay, an underachieving high school senior defies the odds when interviewed by a jaded college admissions officer.
  • Goodness Gracious (youth)
    When a 12-year-old girl tries to gain control of the world, she is overtaken by the forces she created in this fractured fairy tale (think Little Red Riding Hood) about the quest for self-confidence, friendship, and good teeth.  www.YouthPlays.com
  • Our Not-So-Perfect Town (youth)
    Gwen lives in a perfect town where she is the most perfect person until a Girl From Another Place unwittingly challenges her crown.
  • Matza for the Rich
    When the town’s richest woman comes to the bakery, the Baker is ready for class warfare. Based on Avraham Reisen short story: Rights secured.
  • Turning Point
    On the day his mother is scheduled to die, a Young Man stands naked in front of the world, trying to see who he can save.
  • Malice at the Palace: The True Story of Purim
    A depiction of the true story of Purim, an important and ongoing part of Jewish heritage.
  • The Not-So-Good Samaritan
    Both a victim and perpetrator of racial profiling, Patrick Stonewell III tries to change his luck after finding a not-so-lucky dollar bill.
  • Beat the House: A Hanukah Midrash
    With his Uncle and sister urging him into a high-stakes game of dreidel, young Michael must assign a value to his righteousness.
  • May God Bless Her
    Without the power of attorney, a husband tries to convince his 20-year-old daughter to keep his wife alive as a young doctor tries to help them navigate between life and death.


10-Minute Plays

  • The Yanks Are Coming
    When Gerard returns home after serving in World War II, he must decide if he’s going to pretend to be the war hero he’s not in order to keep alive his grandmother who lost so many loved ones in WWI.
  • The Day Santa Ignored Us
    When a Jewish Mother confronts a dismissive department store Santa, her son is mortified – until Santa embraces them in a whole new way.
  • The End of Summer
    On summer’s last day, a divorced Dad tries to get his young daughter to accept a new life with Mom, who doesn’t see the beauty of watermelons falling from the sky.
  • Saved on the Day of Atonement
    On the holiest day of the year, Oliver struggles to find his place in the sanctuary as others hold their place with varying degrees of justification.
  • The Name Game
    About to be confronted by a man whose name he should easily know, Chuck struggles to refresh his memory – as the rest of the party-goers offer no help.
  • Streetcar Serenade
    While rehearsing the rape scene from Streetcar Named Desire, two overmatched acting students connect to the sexual fury in an unexpected way.
  • Winners Never Quit
    After seeing his 11-year-old son strike out four times in a Little League game, a father inspires his son – but not in a way either of them expected.
  • The Redemption of a Football Widow
    A woman threatens to kill herself during the 1991 Super Bowl, and her husband, a life-long New York Giants fan, is caught between divided loyalties.
  • Proper Business Etiquette
    When two obsequious co-workers are told by their boss to engage in improper public conduct, they must decide if it’s worth demeaning their race and religion to save the jobs they worked so hard to get.
  • Tinted Window
    As his dying wife urges him to leave her hospital room, Frank Meyer must decide if their boat is worth saving as the worst storm in years approaches.
  • Pier Pressure
    As the storm of the century approaches, two men on a pier having differing visions about how to respond to incoming onslaught.
  • Carton of Pink
    About to lay off her most obsessed worker, Julie must repel the advances of Seth, who believes he can help his younger boss excel.
  • Tales from The Titanic & Other One-minute plays (all in 10 minutes)
    The Titanic is about to sink and two people vie for the last seat on the last lifeboat.   Romeo and Juliet fall in love and die. An unemployed plumber, a Super Bowl placekicker, a horny cat, and a physicist explore the concept of hate. All in one minute.
  • Classed Dismissed
    The Teacher of the Year wants to make sure no child is left behind – even if that one child feels otherwise.
  • Early Morning Appointment (also a radio play)
    Mrs. Kartee waits for a service delivery call she hopes won’t affect the rest of her day – and possibly the rest of her life.
  • Soccer Moms
    A mother watching her daughter play soccer tries to convince herself that it’s just a game– when she knows it’s much more than that.
  • An Answer to Their Prayers
    When two young strangers meet in the back pew of a synagogue, they must decide if these pretzels are making them thirsty.
  • Last Seat on the Train
    There is one last seat on a crowded train, and no one is sure who should take it. Is chivalry still in play or is it every man (and woman) for himself?
  • The Cycle of Death
    A man in the prime of life is summoned to a funeral parlor where he must master a strange and precise ritual if he wants to be remembered for all time.
  • Looking for Our Town
    A Man goes to see a revival of Our Town with Spalding Gray and he gets caught in the middle of the action. A lot has changed in Our Town over the years, but does the message remain to the same?
  • More Than Enough
    Caught between her mother and grandmother, Dena decides whether to eat the last latke – as nurse Clarice tries to broker the peace.
  • Politically Incorrect Dating
    Jessica has found the perfect date for her progressive friend, but Scott, may not open-minded as he thinks to pursue this dream person.
  • Escape from the Land of Shoes
    Jimmy has a last chance to escape from “The Land of Shoes,” but even with help, he struggles to give himself the boot.
  • It’s Not Such a Wonderful Life
    George Bailey is ready to end it all but is stupefied by his Guardian Angel who wonders if the word might be better off if George is dead.
  • My Little Trip to the Airport
    Post 9-11, a man tries to navigate through airport security in a way that doesn’t trigger more alarm.
  • Your Local Neighborhood Pharmacy
    Charles Hill comes to the pharmacy to fill his prescription for social anxiety and finds an unexpected cure from the crowd he attracts.
  • Small Talk: October 15, 2003
    It is mid morning at the copy center, and Hal, the customer, finds that engaging Gerald, the store help, in small talk is no small deal.
  • The Dilemma of a Standing Ovation
    To stand or not to stand. That’s what the audience decides after seeing a show that impresses some more than others.
  • A CVS Christmas
    During a public exchange on Christmas, a mother must decide if she’s willing to release her minor children upon ex-husband’s claim to be a new man.
  • The Mediator Escapes from Hell
    Caught between a divorcing couple and their warring attorneys, the Mediator must take things into their own hands.
  • Walking the Walk
    After seeing her law school mentor stiff two Girl Scouts out of four bucks, Kelly shows she has learned the lessons of zealous advocacy.
  • Sugar Daddy
    Bill and Wendy, an aging lawyer and a younger law student, try to keep the moral high road as they scoff at the intimate relationship developing their colleagues.
  • The Unseen Wound
    Sitting at the edge of a pier, a forlorn suitor tries to break the resistance of his reluctant princess, who wants to be swept away by more than words.
  • Summary Judgment
    Two recent law school graduates yearn for what the other has until each realizes they were destined to lead different lives.
  • Crossing the Aisle (co-written with Hilary King)
    When a congressman gets caught in the act of an infidelity, his operative tries to convince him that this will be the start and not the end of a great political career – as his wife and mistress pursue their own agendas in this satire about political corruption and compromise.
  • La Resistance Romantique
    A young couple, masquerading as lovers, are summoned by a large person who draw close. A tribute to Samuel Beckett.
  • Christmas in July
    While trying to prod his reluctant wife and kids to get ready for a special family outing, Fred Baxter in the middle of the living room finally notices a strange visitor who tries to get him to embrace the Christmas spirit in July.
  • Table for One
    Good service at a bad restaurant leads to an unexpected friendship between Gabriel and Howard, who overcome their differences in age, religion and race.
  • The Music Man Goes Yiddish
    Indeed he does.

One-Minute Plays

  • The Talk
    Instructed to talk to his adolescent son about sex, a Dad stammers forth.
  • The Family Car
    A daughter won’t get into her father’s truck until they reach an understanding about his bumper sticker.
  • Rear Ended
    When two ex-lovers collide, they decide whether to press charges.
  • J Date
    An African American woman and an Asian male question their credentials before falling madly in love.
  • Crossing the Line
    Bob dares Joe to step over a line that keeps changing, leading both men to an unexpected outcome.
  • No Teacher Left Behind
    With cohorts looking on, a bewildered teacher must decide the impact of erasing an answer on a standardized test.
  • Yesterday’s News
    When former lovers meet at a bus stop, they re-live their relationship in a single minute.
  • Secret Santa
    Young Shira grills a department-store Santa who has an unexpected gift.


  • Fairy Tale Ending
    When a young man gets the courage to ask the girl of his dreams on a date, he gets sidetracked by what he sees on her windshield.
  • The Day I Was Supposed to Play Tennis With Samuel Beckett
    Scheduled to play tennis with Samuel Beckettt, a man decides how long he will wait.
  • The Lunch-Time Panelist
    With all eyes upon him/her, a lunch-time panelist must decide whether to break his/her silence, taking the risk, he/she has nothing useful to say. www.MonologueBank.org
  • Eff U!
    An actor debates about whether the use of an obscenity will forever alter your opinion of them – and how much that really matters.
  • Mis-Characterization
    A writer has trouble naming his character for fear of offending those he loves – and especially those he doesn’t. (1 M) www.MonologueBank.org
  • Last Stab at a Lesson Plan
    Before a schoolteacher calls it quits, she has one last thing to say to her 5th grade class – in her attempt to temper truth with compassion.
  • Welcome to Our Holiday Show
    At the risk of offending anyone who may be offended, a reluctant M.C. offers a list of disclaimers more entertaining than the show itself.   www.MonologueBank.org
  • King-sized Bed
    The Neighborhood yenta gives her theory about suburban romance as she tries to pry out more secrets.
  • I Would Like to Thank
    Giving an acceptance speech for a lifetime of non-achievement, a man considers the people he’d like to thank, but can’t.
  • The Most Romantic Day of My Life
    A young man almost misses the most romantic day of his life because he is too caught up in not offending those being chased.
  • One Day at the Tee-Ball Field
    A man watching is 6-year-old son play baseball realizes more than his son’s enjoyment is at stake.