“If your ship doesn’t come in, swim out to it.”

Following the Jonathan Winters credo, I am pleased to share the following:



Courtroom Drama IV:  A Continuing Legal Education course, Actors Express, February 14, 2020

In this joint fundraising venture between Actors Express, Georgia Lawyers for the Arts and Working Title Playwrights (for which I serve at the Board President), I will help produce and moderate the 4th annual Courtroom Drama CLE, where six short plays (including one of mine) will be produced and then discussed by attending lawyers, who will get Continuing Legal Education credit.  For more information, please contact Georgia Lawyers for the Arts (www.glarts.org)



* The Alliance for Jewish Theatre annual conference – I will be attending this event in October. The location is still to be announced, but it looks like Washington DC.  I proudly serve as the Board President  www.alljewishtheatre.org 

  • The Working Title Playwrights is currently conducting its annual fundraising drive and since I am board president, I am motivated to help the organization raise $25,000 with 150 donors.   Please check out workingtitleplaywrights.com for more information. Yes, I still serve as Board President for this amazing theatre company.


  • “Love American Style: 2020”: I’m pleased to announce that my wife Barbara and I just finished our first collaboration …. A series for short romantic plays befitting, we hope, the title. We’re been exploring ways to try to get this produced. It’s about 60 minutes, perhaps perfect for Valentine’s Day?! It’s available after December 6, 2019, the date of our 32nd (in a row!!!) wedding anniversary.