“If your ship doesn’t come in, swim out to it.”

Following the Jonathan Winters credo, I am pleased to share the following:


Autumn, 2019 — Open Minds Theatre, Atlanta.

Burning Powerful Women. I am working with Open Minds, a new local theatre company that is committed to producing this full-length (a fractured fairy tale) that’s been begging for life for a long time.  It’s been the recipient of several readings, and I’m looking forward to announcing its production launch, most likely in early summer, 2019.
Premise — It’s 1962 and Mary, the high school valedictorian, is about to get married until the BPW, a secret order  of woman (think three witches of Macbeth), infiltrates Mary’s heart.

Autumn, 2019. Atlanta Theatre To Go.

Your Local Neighborhood Pharmacy — My comedic short will be part of a traveling show that will go to many nursing homes and assisted living venues.  Some of my friends/colleagues think this is either the most sophomoric or funny (or both) play I’ve written.
Premise:  Charles Hill comes to the pharmacy to fill his prescription for social anxiety and finds an unexpected cure from the crowd he attracts.

Follow up:

Hank Kimmel’s Shorts:  After a sold-out performance at Kitchen Six Restaurant, Mira Hirsch and I are scouting locations to do another rendition of “Hank Kimmel’s Shorts: Parenting Edition.” I was especially pleased that my wife Barbara included her piece “Native Language.”

Confessions of a Hit Man: Thanks to the scores of you who came to my reading at the Alliance. It was an amazing (and exhausting) experience.  I learned a lot about the play, and am working on a re-write, making a three-character play (father, son, tormentor), dropping the character of the mother to go deeper into the conflicts among the men.  I’m real excited about this next step, and am eager to find a real production.
Premise:  Rick Newsome, a paralyzed ex-football player attempts to take charge of his son’s future until Rick’s tormentor returns with an offer that will either uplift or destroy them all.

Father–Son Campout: Thanks to the many of you who came out to a filled-to-capacity Grace Methodist Church to see Father-Son Campout, a modern take on the binding story.  With the wonderful dedication of director Mia Kristin Smith (and Fred and Robert) and producer Candi Dugas, I’ve done a revision that I hope will find future life. It’s about a 20-minute play, and perhaps suitable for other religious institutions.
Premise:  When Frank’s 88-year-old father wanders off in the middle of the night, Frank must convince his life is worth living in a modern rendition of the binding story.

Come join me

In an attempt to enrich myself artistically and personally (and get what I call a poor man’s MFA), I plan to attend the following and hope you’ll consider joining me.

Alliance for Jewish Theatre Conference. This will take place in Chicago on Nov. 3-5. As the Board President of the AJT, I will be one of the hosts. More to come about this in time.  me. www.alljewishtheatre.org

Working Title Playwrights: hether Please check our web site for upcoming sessions, classes and events. I try to attend them all.  Please join me and considering supporting this organization in some way.  http://www.workingtitleplaywrights.com