• Along with conventional (and not-so-conventional) theatres, Hank’s plays have been performed at the following types of venues:
    • Speed-dating events
    • Synagogues/Churches
    • Schools / Colleges
    • Assisted Living Facilities
    • Parties/social functions
    • Continuing Legal Education seminars
    • Law school classes
    • Bar functions
    • Fundraising events
  • If you are interested in enlivening a meeting, party or other event with the reading of a short play, please contact Hank. He can you find something for just about any occasion.


Along with writing plays, Hank has served as a dramaturg for a number of playwrights who have hired Hank to help them analyze their plays and figure out the next steps to make them production-ready. More specifically, Hank tries to help the playwright figure out what’s there and where they should go next with their play, being less prescriptive and more attuned to how the playwright can best used the dramatic form to tell their story.

If you are interested in using hiring Hank as a dramaturg, please email him.


Hank has conducted workshops through Working Title Playwrights, the Hotchkiss School and the Turner Cassity literary festival. Hank’s style as a teacher is to lead hands-on workshop where the students learn from the experience of doing, combining the elements of “play” within a defined structure. Hank is a keen student of dramatic structure, but he also understands that distinct stories need to be told in unique ways.

If you’re interested in Hank conducing a short- or long-term workshop, please email him.


Hank is available to write plays on commission, either taking his pre-existing work and tailoring it to a group of students and/or artists – or crafting/devising some new. He has written commission pieces for the Woodward Academy, Jewish Theatre of the South (GA), CenterStage Theatre (NY), and the Atlanta Jewish Academy.

If you’re an actor looking for a original or custom-made monologue, Hank is available for hire.

If you’re interested in hiring Hank for a commission piece, please email him.


  • “The Book”
    A short story published in the romance section of Berhert – True Stories of Connections by Harry Samuels, iUniverse Press
  • “King-Sized Bed”
    Presented in anthology 60 Seconds to Shine: 221 One-Minute Monologues for Women, published by Smith and Krause
  • “The Most Romantic Day of My Life” 
    Published in Arabian Nights, the scholarly journal from the Theatre Department at BYU
  • “Goodness Gracious”
  • “Welcome to Our Holiday Show,” “The Lunch-Time Panelist” & “Mis-Characterization”
  • “Divided Among Themselves” and “Unbillable Hours”
    The New Play Exchange –