“Working with Hank as our guest playwright for the January 2019 edition of Broadway Brunch brought me such deep fulfillment – much more than I expected – both personally and professionally. I’ve known Hank for some time now as members of Working Title Playwrights, and I’ve always enjoyed his plays. He has a sharply deft and witty hand in his storytelling that I completely appreciate and admire.

I expected to experience a good story. I expected to laugh. I did not expect to get such a sharp glimpse into his sense of spirituality, his faith – a glimpse that gave me quite a pause – still. As an individual worshiper, a pastor, and a playwright, I deeply, deeply appreciate such an experience.

“Father-Son Campout” accomplished much as a one-act, layering meaning and entertainment that our full-house audience kept talking about weeks after the Brunch. I now have even more reasons to look forward to working/collaborating with Hank again!  ~rev. dr. candi dugas, Pastor of Worship & Arts, Grace United Methodist Church, Atlanta, GA”